Cantilever racking

What is cantilever racking?

Cantilever racking is a steel storage rack with long arms extending from a metal framework designed to store long or bulky items including lumber and steel stock. The racks in this type of racking do not have shelving and are open in front to facilitate loading and unloading using either forklifts or similar equipment.

How do cantilever racks work?

A cantilever rack usually consists of four main components. These include of the base, uprights, arms and support.  The base is usually main of steel and is therefore heavy. This allows a strong support to be given and extends out from the bottom of the rack to counter-balance the heavy weight of stored items. The uprights are extremely strong vertical posts that support the arms. The arms themselves are the ‘shelves’ that extend from the uprights. These store your inventory. The supports connect to the uprights in order to give the racks extra support.

Is cantilever racking the right racking for my warehouse?

Cantilever racking may be the right racking for your warehouse depending upon your storage needs. If your business only stores small products that are easily stacked and stored on pallets then cantilever racking may not be the best solution for you. However if you store larger, more bulkier items or currently use any floor stacking for items that don’t fit on pallets, then cantilever racking can give you the flexibility you may need to store all of your businesses goods.

Cantilever racks are relatively easy to install and reconfigure and are on easy solution to arrange in ways pallets can’t.